Ghanaian musicians are not sharp except Sarkodie –RudeBoy (PSquare) explains why

The better half of defunct P-Square group, Rudeboy has described entire Ghanaian musicians as not “not soo smart musicians”. He exempted only Sarkodie, the CEO of Sarkcess music as the only musician who is dynamic enough to be described as a smart musician from Ghana.

Rudeboy who was on a promotional tour in the US ended up in the WGHC Radio in Chicago, USA. A few days after Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy received the humiliating experience when Menzgold /Zylofon Media staged a concert to launch both Menzgold and Zylofon Media almost two months ago.

So naturally, the issue of the snubbed came up in the discussion and Rudeboy did not hold back in his assessment of Ghanaian musicians.

According to the Nigerian star, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy could be very popular in their home base, they have zero popularity in Nigeria. He questioned why the organizers of the concert didn’t see it fit to bring Sarkodie who is an icon in Nigeria on stage. To him, that would have been a boost to the show.

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Explaining why Ghana music is far below Nigerians, Rudeboy explained that Ghanaian musicians do not know how to be diverse in their music. When they discover a trend, every musician want’s to take part. But that in itself is not even bad but they will stick toit for a long time without being dynamic about.

But Nigerians although pick most of their sounds from Ghana music, they are dynamic about it and master it to perfection. To him, Ghanaian musicians are not sharp except Sarkodie but Nigerian musicians are sharper.

Nigerians we’re too sharp…most of the sounds you’re talking about they come from you guys [Ghanaians] if you’re not sharp enough Niger we’re sharper.”

“They are just doing the same thing without developing…they focus on just one thing and stay there. Everyone [in Ghana] does the same thing, [but nigerians] we develop something and before you catch up, we are gone…”


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